The Anatomy Behind the 6 Pack Abs

You’ve seen the billboards, the models and the commercials and you’re raring to get it for yourself. A set of 6 pack abs seems to have become a status symbol for the elite fit which has become the main goal for everyone with a tummy. And who wouldn’t want one? They’re an indication of a healthy lifestyle and a desirable partner.

What Are Abs?

6 Pack AbsBy definition, your abs are a set of muscles in your body. That’s why you can sculpt them through exercise. But conventional gym wisdom has got us all crunching like little hamsters on the mat without really knowing how these exercises work.

Also known as the Rectus Abdominus, the abs are clumps of muscles joined by a connective tissue known as the Linea Alba. This is tissue is the one responsible for flexing your spine and maintaining balance. The reason why old-school anatomy books and experts advice crunches and sit-ups to develop them is because of the belief that bending the spine forces these muscles to contract and work.

The sad part about abs is that not everyone was genetically designed to have good ones right away. That’s why you have friends that have great stomachs no matter what they eat. But the good part is that no matter what’s covering your abs, whether it be fat or something else, you can develop them into a well-sculpted muscle.

Crunches and Sit-Ups are not Enough

Surprised about the statement? Gyms and trainers have got people spending money on equipment and sessions all aimed to help them chisel the body of their dreams, but they’re doing it the wrong way. You could be doing hundreds of crunches and sit-ups per day and you still won’t see results within years. This is because your abs need more than that to come out a shine.

Everyone, no matter what their physique, will have either one or both of two problems when it comes to developing their abdominal muscles. Their abs could either be too small or their abs are hidden underneath a layer of fat. Sounds familiar?

If you keep on doing squats and sit-ups, you’re only exercising these muscles without any increasing resistance. It’s like lifting the same weight for months without increasing your resistance. What that’s going to do is to make your muscles stronger, and not any bigger. So that just leaves you with a strong core hidden underneath a belly.

When it comes to fat, the science remains simple. You have to burn more calories than what you eat. By doing so, you’ll force your body to burn the fat reserves in your belly to continue to power your workouts. It’s straightforward with no hocus-pocus. It sounds simple yet it’s so hard to do, especially when all you do are just crunches and sit-ups.

How to Get Six Pack Abs

If you want to melt the fat to show your abs, your workouts should start in the kitchen and not in the gym. A proper six pack abs diet that packs in the proteins and shuns the carbohydrates will help you trim off inches from the gut and expose those muscles.

carbohydratesBut showing those muscles isn’t enough. Naturally, you have to sculpt them. And this is where proper knowledge goes a long way. A good 6 pack abs workout is the only way.

Stop doing crunches and sit-ups. Mix things up. Your abdominal muscles are attached to other areas of your body. If you work those out, you’ll also be working your abs out. Leg lifts and push ups are good places to start.

You also want to avoid exercises at high repetitions. Remember, you’re building a muscle and not strengthening it. You want to tear away at the tissues right in your gut so that your body repairs them and makes them stronger while you rest. That means going for lower reps at higher resistances. That means heavier weights and more challenging exercises as compared to doing head-butts against your crotch.

Where do I get that?

Just as many faulty sit-up programs that get you abs, there are legitimate and scientifically-based approaches that really give results. Mike Chang’s six pack workout is a good example of that.

This program understands both problems with ab development: small muscles and big fat. The various sections of the program will have you burning your fat with specialized exercises that concentrate on various areas of your body. You won’t be doing any crunches or sit-ups at all.

The exercise activities in this program are part of a revolutionary development in fitness called Afterburn training. As fierce as it sounds, these exercises will have your body burning fat in record time. But that’s not where the technique ends.

On top of having you burn more fat in your sleep, the specialized workouts of Mike Chang’s technique are composed of complicated exercises that won’t only improve your abs, but will work on your core as a whole, giving you that sculpted finish that you’ve always wanted. Have you ever heard of one rep that contains up to five different motions? You’ll be in for a fat-burning, muscle-sculpting  treat with this package.

It’s All About Motivation

At the end of the day, it’s all about busting nuts and fighting through the pain. No matter what program you use, you’re sure it will test the limits of your muscles and your motivation. You’ll have to burn fat and rip your muscles before you can look in a mirror with pride.

In that light, it’s best to engage in ab sculpting with friends who will share your challenges with you and act as competition and motivation at the same time. Any challenge becomes easier when you’ve got other people to cheer you on and help you achieve the 6 Pack Abs on the calendar in your room.