A Look at Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts

No, this article isn’t referring to the fictional dancer on “Glee”. This is a different Mike Chang, and it’s probably a more interesting one at that. His revolutionary six pack shortcuts program has been making waves ever since his first youtube video hit the internet in 2010. And now, you’re going to get to know his system a little more.

The Origin of the Shortcut

The Origin of the ShortcutIf you’re hoping to find a method that doesn’t include hard-work, sincere dieting and plenty of discipline, you’ve come to the wrong place. This Mike Chang fitness method incorporates a combination of well-planned exercises and diet-watching that produces guaranteed results. He should know; he used them himself.

Mike’s story is your usual flabs to pecs story. You’ve got a young man with low self-confidence and undesirable love handles from years of improper eating and lazy habits. He tried almost every diet and fad in the market available and found little luck.

It was through the help of a friend that he started to do the hard research himself. He studied and formulated his own approach to getting that fabled six-pack he had always wanted. Suffice to say, Mike Chang was his own first customer. And he’s never had complaints.

How It Works

The whole program is composed of 4 “phases” that each have their own goal. The end result is a dream physique with six pack abs included. And based on how each phase has been designed, it’s easy to say that the logic is there.

In phase 1, your focus is on increasing muscle everywhere, including your core. The main goal here is to add to your muscle mass and bulk up. This is also the time you begin to lay out the foundation of your exercise habits that will take root as you move along the course.

During phase 2, you’re no longer interested in adding to your muscles. But this time, you’ll be getting rid of fat. This is where you’ll be introduced to high-intensity workouts that are designed to improve your cardiovascular health. You’ll be lasting longer and losing more at the same time. This sheds away your belly fat and unveils the muscles you’re about to shape.

That’s what phase 3 is for. This is similar to phase 2 but triple in intensity. You’ll be dealing with weights and all other forms of heavy resistance training that is meant to push your core muscles to their limits. Expect your balance and stamina to be tested. Your six pack will begin to form at this point.

Finally, in phase 4, you’ll be maintaining a different workout regimen (not as heavy as the others) that is meant to keep your figure as it is. This includes a proper diet along with a workout schedule to keep you fit with a good metabolic rate.

What’s so Special about it?

Besides this organized approach to weight loss and muscle toning, one of Mike Chang’s unique ideas is the concept of “Afterburn Training”. This term is used to describe his one-of-a-kind workout system that operates on a whole new level.

Unlike other exercises that will only burn a few calories then and there, afterburn training is meant to keep your body in a high metabolic state for hours. The program itself boasts that you’ll still be burning calories two days after your workout!

What’s so Special about it?Mike Chang does this by creating his own exercises that focus on working as many muscles as possible, with a special attention towards your core muscle group. His workouts are special in the sense that one rep can contain a plethora of several movements that will have you gasping just after one repetition.

It is these special training methods that allow Mike to call his program a “shortcut” to six pack abs. Because of all the “afterburning” you’ll be doing after a workout, you’ll still be in high-gear even while you’re resting. That means you do more than just rest and that saves you valuable time. Some customer testimonials claim that they’ve seen results in weeks if not months.

Is it For Everyone?

This is where things get a little tricky. Because of the special nature and intensity of Mike’s sixpackshortcuts program, it may not be available for the faint of heart.

Because you’ll be engaged in high-intensity workouts in short intervals on almost a daily basis, certain heart conditions, physical makes, family histories and even allergies might make it impossible for some to take advantage of this program.

Fortunately, Mike Chang’s sales portal allows for potential customers to check if they’re compatible with the program. All you have to do is take a stroll down his website and see if the program fits you. You can also check the Mike Chang fitness wiki for more details on his program to see if it’s the right fit for you.

It is Worth the Trouble?

If you’re into challenges with great rewards at the end, yes. As mentioned earlier, Mike Chang’s fitness program is not an easy way to six pack abs. It’s a sure way to six pack abs. But this way is paved with plenty of sweat and hard work, not to mention discipline. On top of the exercise figures and demonstrations, you’ll also get meal guides that will help you control your calorie intake while you burn your fat.

This six pack shortcuts review gives Mike Chang’s program about 9 stars out of 10. You enter the program to get a six pack but you walk away with a better diet, better discipline and a healthier body on top of a measly set of chiseled muscles on your belly. If you’re really looking for something that works, this six pack shortcuts program is certainly a strong contender.