More Reading Less Crunching: The Science of A Proper Abs Workout

The quest for the perfect Abs Workout is a tiring one. With so many schools and gyms, each promoting their own approach, the only way that you’ll be able to find the right method is if you learn what movements work your abs yourself.

What You Should Know

What You Should KnowThe first thing you need to understand is your body type. Are you already lean and just working on making those abs more prominent? Or are you a bit of the chubby side with a nice little muffin top when you put on your jeans? Your current condition dictates what you need to do in order to work on those abs.

If you’re plus-sized, you shouldn’t focus on exercising abs for now. What you should be worried about is unveiling those muscles from that curtain of fat that’s been hiding it. Even if you do a million crunches, you’re never going to see those work out abs you’ve been longing for. You have to melt that fat before you can start worrying about working out.

That means working on your diet more than your workout. You read that right. You have the shed the fat before any sculpted muscle can start showing on your stomach. And that means some serious calorie counting, fat avoidance and protein stacking. You want to turn the tide of your fat-to-muscle ratio in favour of your muscles. The key concept here is to create a “calorie deficit” in your body.

A calorie deficit happens when your body runs out of burnable materials for energy and metabolism. When this happens, the wonderful process of fat burning occurs. So even if you can crunch a million, if you stack up on those Cheetos, you’ll just be burning cheetah instead of your flab.

Now controlling your food intake is only half the solution. The other half is in the burning. So your diet has to be accompanied by proper workout. And by proper workout, it doesn’t mean crunches and sit-ups.

If you’re already on the skinny side, muscle size is your foe. You have to work on causing actual tears in your abdominal muscles so that your body is forced to replenish these tissues and make them larger, thus resulting in those washboard figures that you only find on TV and on the beach.

Another important thing to understand why those crunches and sit-ups do jack for your abs. There’s a science behind that.

Why They Don’t Work

Don’t get the wrong idea. Crunches and Sit-ups are still legitimate forms of exercise that target your abdominal muscles. But if you want to define them, those two are the last things you want to do.

Crunches and sit-ups only reinforce your abdominal muscles. It makes them stronger. And stronger doesn’t necessarily mean larger. You’re only improving the integrity of the muscle and not its size by doing many repetitions with low resistance. Sure it’ll make you strong, but it won’t form them the way you want to.

Take your arms for an example. If you keep lifting the same weight over and over for a month, you’ll be able to work it with ease after that much work. But since your muscles don’t get torn because of using the same weight, your body will just work on improving blood flow and muscle tension so that you can lift the same weight with ease. But if you lift way above your limits with a few repetitions, you’ll be forcing your muscles to “rip” as you struggle to complete the repetition.

When that happens, your arms become sore due to the tissue damage. And when you go to sleep, your body will work on preparing your arms by giving it more mass to handle the large weight. That’s how basic body-building works. Now aren’t your abs muscles? They’re no exception to this principle either.

The Proper Workout to Exercise Abs

The Proper Workout to Exercise AbsThe best way to improve your ab muscles is to work your whole core. Your core is a plethora of muscles that surround your whole stomach and reach all the way to the arms and legs. Much to your surprise, you don’t use your core muscles to move, but rather to balance and to transfer power from the different parts of your body.

Because it’s a balance and transfer center, you won’t be doing it any good if you treat it like an arm or a leg. Your core muscles weren’t meant for crunches and sit ups. They were meant to provide stability for challenging workouts such as long leg raises, lounges, lifts and even push ups.

By working on those methods instead of crunches, you’re forcing your body to use your core to balance yourself and transfer energy from the hands to the feet in these various movements. And the more you challenge yourself with complex exercises, the more balace and power you’ll need. And that’s where the real abdominal development begins.

Where to Get the Best Abs Workout

One of the best places is through Mike Chang’s 6 pack workouts. There, you’ll be brought through several phases that will help you lose the fat that’s surrounding your belly with intense workouts that will also work on developing your core in the right way, without the crunches and the sit-ups that do nothing for your cardiovascular health.

This program will change the way you look at your abs and give you the image that you want at the same time. This package is full of useful information and an abs workout video collection about your body and how to configure it using tried and tested methods and exercises that have helped hundreds if not thousands of other people achieve the body they want using and Abs workout system that doesn’t depend on medieval sit-ups and crunches to get the job done.