The Secrets on How to Get Flat Abs

For men, it’s the legendary six pack; for women, it’s the flat stomach. But no matter what you call it, one thing’s sure: you want it. This is because a flat, sculpted midsection is the unofficial sign of good health and a healthy lifestyle. This means information on how to get flat abs is golden intel for anyone who wants in on the trend. And you’re about to get the scoop on it.

Flat Abs are a Product of Two Things

Flat AbsIn order to get rid of your muffin top, two things must happen. First, you have to burn more than what you eat. Second you have to develop your core muscles.

The main reason why you have that muffin top is because you have a weak core and poor metabolism. Your core muscles are long unused, which means that your body can’t find a decent use for all the calories you eat, thus, it stores it as fat in one of the most inconvenient places to have fat: the tummy.

There’s a reason why the core is called “the core”. This is because it’s the base of balance within the body. Even Chinese martial artists respect this area by referring to it as the area of the body that generates “chi” or life energy. And although Western anatomy may not share the same view, it still holds the core in high regard.

So the first thing (actually two) that you want to do is to fix your diet and work on your core muscle group. And protein bars and crunches are the last things you want to touch when you want to get that done.

The Flat Abs Diet

There is only one word that you have to remember when working towards a flat stomach, and that word is “protein”.

Every time you eat, your body works on disintegrating your meals into usable materials for the various organs in your body. When you eat proteins, the body uses that to build the muscles. With more proteins, the body has less material to turn into fat.

You also cut down on calories with a heavy protein diet. You want this because with lesser calories from your food, the more your body will depend on the fat reserves in your belly, arms and legs for energy. But as easy as this sounds, you’re going to have to say goodbye to some items such as cheese, pasta and even bread.

These items should be replaced with useful materials such as almonds, eggs, greens and even soybeans. It’s not the tastiest change but it’s the most effective one out there.

The Flat Abs Workout

In line with eating right, you’ve got to start working right as well. And that means giving your whole core a good run, literally.

Touch the middle of your stomach. Don’t worry if it’s a little on the muffin side. If you don’t feel anything firm in that area, do not lose hope, because everyone has abs. And in some cases, they’re just hidden. Behind those flabs and handles are muscle groups that manage balance and energy transference throughout the entire body. That’s the job of your core muscle group.

Flat Abs WorkoutThis group is composed of the Rectus Abdominus (the abs), the external and internal obliques, the serratus anterior and all the other muscles in the middle. It’s a complex muscle system because it’s got complex functions.

With that being said, the flattest of bellies have the most developed core muscles. The fat-to-muscle ratio in their bellies is a landslide victory in favour of muscles. And if you dedicate exercise to this group, you’re not only sculpting your figure, you’re also gaining more energy and balance that is naturally generated by this muscle group. And this is why basic crunches and other machine-assisted static exercises are a load of bull.

Add some variety and complexity to your crunches and make sure they work on the whole core area. Plant both your feet on the ground with your right hand on your hips and your left hand with a weight held over your head. From that position, slowly bring your left elbow and your left knee together by bending both of them and crunching. This is known as a standing oblique crunch.

You can also try a Reverse Pendulum. Stand with both feet apart and firmly planted on the floor. Raise your arms above your head with a dumbbell in each hand. From that position, bend forwards going to the left while keeping your shoulders square. When you’ve reached the farthest point, slowly rotate infront of your feet, all the way to the other side and then return to your starting position.

You can perform both of these exercises for a minimum of 30 minutes every day for about two weeks to see (and feel) what it’s like to target your whole core.

Other Programs that Work

If you want to further your efforts and really get into it, try Mike Chang’s 6 pack shortcuts program. This is a six-stage process designed based on the same principles you’ve learned today. You’ll be shedding fat, trimming your belly and giving your core muscles the workout they so badly deserve.

This program contains some of the most challenging exercises that boast of a no-crunch approach to achieving the figure you’ve always wanted. Because let’s face it, crunches are already becoming synonymous to well-toned abdominal muscles. But now you know better.

Proper diet and core-centered exercises are the secrets on how to get flat abs. They work for both men and women who want to start seeing a genuine change in their body that isn’t just decorative, it also improves their strength and flexibility.