The Truth About 6 Pack Abs

You’ve always wanted those abs because they look great and are a hit among the ladies. But is that all they’re good for? Are you going to impress people with crunches and sit-ups? Is there more to a 6 pack than meets the eye and the camera? Surprisingly, the truth about 6 pack abs is a lot deeper than a vanity trinket.

Abs Are Functional

Abs Are FunctionalJust like any other muscle in the body, your abs serve a great purpose that most people overlook. Just because they make great body decorations, that doesn’t mean that’s all they’re good for. Your abs play a very important role in one of the most critical areas of fitness: The Core.

If you’re not yet aware, the core is a system of muscles that stems from the stomach and reach out all the way to your appendages. And although you don’t move your core that much, they’re the set of muscles that calls the shots.

First off, they provide balance for the body. Have you ever tried lifting yourself up the monkey bars without stiffening your shoulders? Your core works hard to keep a proper trade-off of force between your arms and your shoulders. It takes a good set of core muscles to keep a straight set of sholder while hanging.

When you do a push up, your arms generate a force that cycles through your core and reinforces your legs which are supposed to stay still. You also need your core muscles to maintain a straight back to evenly distribute your weight across your body. Without a well-developed core, these activities would turn into fruitless grunts of wasted effort.

You Can Get A Six Pack Through Crunches

This has got to be the biggest lie in the industry right now. Your abs grow with your core. If you only work on your abs with crunches, you’re ignoring your core. You’ll end up nowhere really quick.

The only tried and tested way to develop your abdominal muscles is to work on developing your core as a whole. And that means a whole lot more than just lying down and bending your spine repeatedly.

With that in mind, one of the best six pack tips you can get is to “focus on your core” instead of just your abs. When you develop your core, not only do your abs get chiselled, every other muscle in that group develops nicely, providing you that perfect figure all over.

You can get Six Pack Abs Fast

That all depends on your perspective. How fast is “fast” for you? Are twelve weeks quick enough? How about a month? How much change do you want to see in your abs over a certain time frame?

Many programs have been designed with time as a big priority. With people wanting to spend less time working and more time admiring, the race is on for the fastest and most efficient way to get that six pack.

One successful contender is Mike Chang’s technique. This program consists of various stages that are all aimed at losing fat, developing your core and bringing out that sculpted six pack you’ve always wanted, all in record time.

People who have used this program have reported results within weeks after sticking to the program. Only taking about half an hour of exercise each day, this program promotes high-intensity activities that will keep your body in a burning state long after you’ve left the exercise mat. Its signature “afterburn workouts” are supposed to give you a complete workout that will shred your abdominal muscles in no time.

Sixpack Abs improve Metabolism

 improve MetabolismThis is more of a misguided hype than a medical claim. Your body does not necessarily get a boost in metabolism with a good six pack. Just because you’re already ripped, that doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you like without worrying about the bulge.

Remember that a six pack is only the product of your workout regimen and your diet. If you’ve worked hard at metabolizing the fat on your belly to reveal that abdomen, that’s as far as it goes. You don’t get to “save your game” and reset whenever you feel like you’re gaining more flabs.

You have to maintain that body. If you had to give up bread in order to get that six pack, then you might have to give it up for a very long time if you want to keep that washboard. You have to note that a six pack does not peg your metabolism at a high rate. It just means that you’ve burned off a lot of calories recently.

This leads to the myth about muscle gain and calorie burning. Just because you’ve gained muscle, that doesn’t mean you can burn more calories. In fact, it only means you need to eat more to maintain that figure because your body has less fat to burn. Think about that for a while.

Knowledge is King

But whatever it is you choose to believe when it comes to fitness, the only thing you can bank on is tried and tested research and knowledge. You can look at fitness experts in the eye and tell if they’re selling legitimate knowledge or false promises. You can tell if something will work or not if you already know how your body responds to various exercises.

In short, if you know the truth about six pack abs, you’ll be halfway through your quest towards those six packs abs and the same confidence as the actors of 300 that allows them to wear nothing but capes and leather speedos out in the open.